MySQL Tutorials

Mysql select from multiple tables

If you want to mysql select from multiple tables you need to just use select command with two or more table parameter. this example shows how to get data from two database table.

Php headers

Php headers like : 301 moved permanently , 302 moved temporarily, 404 Page Not Found, Service not avaliable , Service Temporarily Unavailable, php header Location

Php Installation on Windows 7 video tutorial

In this video I show you how to install php server on windows 7, it will take 20 saceont to install and work the local server, Our simplest php lesson

What is SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Seo can make you place higher on google and yahoo search results. This is a job related to web page design. You can learn here What the Seo is

Basic MySQL Commands

Basic Mysql commands are select, update, delete, insert into. you can use themy with parameters like where, order, group by, distinct and limit. Here is other paremeters about mysql commands.